The old building of the former popular communal school built in 1888, abandoned, partially collapsed, having dark future perspectives around the year 2013, thanks to a stunning collective effort has been revived to become useful once again for the village community. Lacking protection by law (as it is not considered historical monument), the building reached the periphery of public attention, however it has been treated as if being historical monument throughout the whole rehabilitation process, resurrecting it in the collective consciousness. After extensive works of structural consolidation and partly reconstructed with functional garret-floor the old school now integrates spaces suitable for community events, the Parochial Museum, accommodation and conference room, ready to be reconnected both in the village life and the tourist circuit.

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location LÖVÉTE / LUETA, HARGHITA county | beneficiary CATHOLIC PARISH OF LÖVÉTE   | structure SATA IGNÁCZ  | hvac EURO K&D |electrics BALÁZS PROIECT |
construction BAUHAUS srl | surface 1162 m² | completed 2017 


530210 - str.Gál Sándor, nr.16
Csíkszereda - Miercurea Ciuc